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The Power of RegeneBlend – An All Natural Blend of Super Antioxidants

Every day, all natural blend of antioxidants and phenolic compounds Super and powerful bioactive flavonoids

Three years ago a scientific research team Vivakor Inc., was doing research on the preservation of cells and in this process, the team was to eliminate all free radicals in the cells before storage. The team used an extract derived from a combination of fruits, vegetables, legumes and spices. During the observation of this process all the free radicals have been removed successfully. This discovery led the management team to the question of whether the extract could be marketed through a consumer beverage customers have a similar effect in humans. Months later a successful version was created to extract as RegeneBlend Regeneca. RegeneBlend is a combination of 18 fruits, vegetables, legumes and spices.

The product is rich in L-ORAC ORAC-H and in the form of flavonoids and phenolic compounds. RegeneBlend is through the roof and was the first Bio-Active drinks to hit the market. RegeneBlend is rich in vitamin C and tastes great. An added advantage is that RegeneBlend is free of cellulose and other fibrous materials that only slow down the absorption in the body. RegeneBlend has been formulated for rapid absorption and you will feel the difference in minutes.

Observations and blood pre RegeneBlend then have done with the method of dark field microscopy. These observations show a greater movement, oxygen uptake and decreased unhealthy materials. The benefits of RegeneBlend also been tested with an alkaline strip shows in minutes the blood has a higher alkaline level that has been shown to benefit the body.

Regeneration begins today with RegeneBlend health.

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