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The Power of RegeneBlend And Live Blood Analysis

Wednesday- Sept. 28- Irvine, CA. Corporate Sampling Party/Company OverviewSpecial Guest Nena Niessen- 7 PM
Meet Nena Niessen, the author of Cures From The Kitchen on Wednesday Set. 28. Nena is a certified Natural Health Professional who specializes in Live Blood Analysis along with teaching others how to take proactive steps in creating a life of wellness from eating the right kinds of food. Nena will be on hand to show us through Live Blood Analysis the positive impact RegeneBlend can have on your blood in as little as 60-90 seconds.
Live Blood Analysis uses a drop of live blood from a person’s finger that has not been killed by staining, and viewed under a special microscope using a darkfield condenser. This enables the blood sample to be illuminated from the sides, making the various components phosphoresce behind a dark background. This makes it possible to see very small particles, smaller than a cell that would not normally be visible under a normal light microscope. All the living components of the blood are seen clearly, and can be viewed by the patient and therapist using a video camera and a dedicated monitor. It is possible to see at what stage of pathological development the body is in, simply from using one drop of blood.
You will have a chance to sample our products, RegeneSlim, RegenErect and RegeneBlend and learn more about Regeneca, our company expansion plans and the type of people we are looking for to help us with that expansion. Nena will also be one of our special sspecial speaks at our Regeneca Launch Celeberation the weekend of 11.11.11. Make you you have registered for the exciting weekend in your backoffice shopping cart.

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