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Regeneca IBO Michelle Bowens Spotlight!

Michelle Bowens is an Executive Diamond IBO Regeneca the level of 3 stars. She has been a professional networker of 11 years, but before joining the network marketing, says, “I was a broke college student looking to make extra money. That wish became a desire to use network marketing as a vehicle work to remain free, earn an income above average and really the owner of My Life. “Attributes Michelle their 11 years of network marketing full time for personal development, training and following a simple system for success. With a degree in Business Administration, I’m sure her business education also contributed to his success in business.

Regeneca was presented to Michelle for her “time friends / business associates” Sheri Sharman and Howard Gumbs Jr. When I asked Michelle what first attracted you to Regeneca said, “I love the Regeneca A Millionaire Step System, direct response / Media division and the marketing component of the network. These things combined make unique Regeneca network marketing and direct sales industry. No other company in the industry is doing what Regeneca is doing to help the person every day to succeed regardless of their ability to close and their past experience. “

Michelle has been using RegeneSlim ™ for two weeks and she says she has more energy and motivation to exercise. I also said, “I’ve lost 7 kilos in the last week and a half. There are many people on my team who is having amazing results with RegenErect ™ and RegeneSlim. It is so refreshing to have the opportunity to market products that people experience on the results a very short period of time! “

I have always curious about other people’s advice to build a team and asked Michelle if there was any advice I wanted to share. She said she feels the most important part of team building is to follow a simple and teach others … to “double up”. He said it’s important, “the interest, share information, monitor and collect a decision.” And that, “when you show others how to do the same as creating a huge boost.” Michelle believes the Regeneca A Millionaire program step is vital to successful monitoring and closure, allowing IBO to outsource the things that many people do not like to do, how to handle objections, answer difficult questions and product or compensation near a prospectus.

As a Diamond IBO Regeneca Executive, Michelle is definitely on the right track and is actively helping your team members achieve their goals. We are pleased to have Michelle’s computer Regeneca!

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